Macrame Boutique

"Beauty will save the world"
F.M. Dostoevsky


I loved Macrame ever since I learned its basics when I was 12...
I lived in Ukraine at that time.
Made some for fun, then made some for friends, then I made a living off of it - teaching classes, designing accessories and interior decoration pieces...
Living in California for the past 10 years I almost got used to the crazy pace of life we are keeping up with... and then it hit me:
Where is the fun in my life? Where is that Beauty that was supposed to save the world?
Do I really WANT to do business consulting for 10-14 hours a day?
So I did it: I set out to search for a Beauty in the warmth of a stone, in the impeccable form, in the play of light, in the unique combination of materials.
You be the judge; did I find it? Am I close?
Am I even going in the right direction?
I just hope you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy it.

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